8(A) Certification HubZone White Papers

HUBZone - the most Underutilized Certification

Jun 16 2016 12:07PM

For startup firms looking to break into the federal contracting space possibly the best mechanism to do so is the HUBZone Certification.  This certification has the requirement that the business be located in a Historically Under Utilized Zone as well as meeting the condition that 35% of the employees of the firm reside within a HUBZone.  The firm can be a startup as there is not a length in business requirement for this certification.  If the firm does not have employees the owner of the firm generally qualifies as an employee for HUBZone.

Unleash The Possibilities Of Getting Benefitted By Securing SBA HUBZone Certification

May 4 2016 1:05PM

To highlight the value and the lack of Utilization of the SBA HUBZone Certification I will take you through the example of the U.S. Territory Guam.  The entire Island of Guam was at one point classified as a HUBZone.

8(a) Certification + GSA Schedule Advantage

Apr 26 2016 9:28AM

A lot of 8(a) firms do not find out about the advantage of combining an 8(a) Certification with a GSA Schedule until they have already lost several years of their 9 years of 8(a) program eligibility.  (Note: GC Construction firms are not eligible for a GSA Schedule).  To highlight how a GSA Schedule gives an 8(a) firm an advantage over its 8(a) peers we will look at ground transportation as an example.  There are 40 8(a) firms with the NAICS Code 485999 – All other transit and ground transportation.  Here are the results of the comparison between the two groups.

HUBZone States and Territory Spending

Mar 31 2016 10:03AM

The average HUBZone firm did $1.2MM in 2015. Firms in the DC/Virginia/Maryland are did on average $1.8MM which is roughly 50% better than the rest of the HUBZone field. With that said the correlation between HUBZone spending and the number of HUBZone firms in a US State or Territory is .93 which tells us that Hubzone spending is likely to increase with each additional HUBZone firm added to that state or territory.

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