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DoD EMALL is an internet-based ordering service that allows federal military buyers to make a buying decision for products from a variety of sources through a single internet based entry point based on price, delivery, product description, vendor performance, or other factors required to meet mission objectives. The site contains everything from office supplies to aircraft parts. DoD Emall contains sensitive but not classified materials and therefore an access card or token is required by the supplier in order to participate.

There are 52,000 active buyers in DoD Emall which are spread amongst the various armed services.

The items on DoD Emall are broken up into 820 catalogs. These 820 categories are broken up into two subcategories 1.) DLA – 150 (over half are small business) and 2.) Other – 670 (majority are small business)

DoD Emall is rapidly growing over the past few years, in 2002 it had $14 million in annual sales growing to approximately $650 million in annual sales in 2014. The Agencies procuring off DoD Emall are the following :
Agency Total (in US $)
Navy 278,496,641
USAF 122,300,890
Army 112,089,396
USMC 48,383,507
Other 43,611,488
Federal 23,981,403
DLA 16,682,806
USCG 2,584,614
Total 648,130,745
The process for obtaining a DoD Emall Contract/Registration can be time consuming and difficult especially for a one-time or first time applicant. Our service completes the application and performs the required steps in order to get your firm’s products listed on DoD Emall.

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