8a Annual Certification Compliance Services

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Acceptance into and continued participation in the 8a business development program comes with a number of requirements that must be complied with in order to remain in the program. The details of the compliance process are agreed to by the company in the Participation Agreement, which many companies find to be extremely vague, complex and lengthy. The Small Business Administration (SBA) terminates hundreds of firms each year from the program for non-compliance. Our 8(a) Program compliance services are designed to ensure that you meet these requirements on a timely basis and that your company’s continued program participation is safeguarded.

Essential to the maintenance of your company’s 8a certification, for the duration of the 9 year eligibility period, is the ability to meet sales targets and to be in full compliance with Annual Recertifications. We have found that providing on-going expertise to our client firms has been a key factor their successful retention within the 8a program. Our annual recertification is comprehensive – we take care of everything. We track all deadlines, we tell you what source documentation is required, we review all documents provided, and we prepare the submission package (on-line and hardcopy). The annual renewal certification package is typically 100 to 150 pages in length.

Included Services

  • Annual 8a Program Recertification – The SBA examines your continued eligibility for the program in addition to assessing your progress towards your already established business plans/goals. Program Recertification must be submitted no later than30 days after your company’s certification anniversary. Sixty days from the deadline we will prompt you for the required source documentation. Upon receipt we will review all the documentation to ensure complete and accurate. We possess the in-house financial expertise, to include a certified public accountant, to comprehensively review all year-end financial statements. We prepare all of required documentation for submission and provide the documents to the SBA using both their on-line system as well as providing hard copies via priority post.
  • Company Changes - Most business experience a change in their name and/or location as well as Owners/Officers/Directors on a regularly recurring basis. All of these changes must be approved by the SBA. Yes, even if it just a change of Director billets. Your advance communication of contemplated actions provides us with the opportunity to offer advice and ensure that you do not inadvertently endanger your continued eligibility. We will assist sorting out the required documents and submission procedures.
  • General Consultation- One of the items that sets ez8a apart from our competition is the breadth and depth of our resident experts. Our partners include a prior Chief Financial Officer, a prior DoD Contracting Officer, and a Certified Public Accountant. We possess the subject matter expertise to advise you across a broad array of general business matters as well as how the government contracting process works. Your subscription includes up to 3 hours of general consolation services with additional hours available if needed.
  • SBA Challenges- At any time the SBA may challenge your program eligibility. We assign this action top priority and develop all of your correspondence and any financial data and/or reports.
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*For your convenience quarterly or annual billing is available.

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